I had no choice if wished to remain true to who I am with what I felt inside if I didn’t pursue art later in life. Transitioning from the corporate sector to the art world, I transformed my life based on experiences, values, and global perspectives I learned along the way. The world has shaped my philosophy and passion toward humanity, which in turn impacted the way I approach all forms of art. My work infuses emotion from the darkest areas of humanity to that of spiritual enlightenment. The actions taken by me in life reflect the values instilled by my great parents. I live life wearing my heart on my sleeve and believe in full transparency so truth can be seen and felt. 

I have been fortunate that my work has impacted humanity through love, art, film, sculptures, and now words. Iv’e also been blessed to have my work commissioned and owned by private collectors, celebrities, and those who value my movement for humanity.



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As I pursue the extreme challenge of the love I have for the ARTS, I have learned to listen and live my life by following what my inner voice spills into my heart. My pursuit to better the world around me stems from the simple fact that I was born. For better or worse in an environment structured with a false sense of control, where the truth of human history is rewritten to fit the current political agenda. Where most of us sleepwalk because we refuse to educate our minds and empower the strength of critical thinking. Where we seldom understand that we exist with a bigger purpose other than our selfish needs. As I find myself making a difference in the world with my gift, this does not end with me; every individual should strive to do her/his part and no part is ever too small.

We all have a responsibility to each individual around us as well as those who paved the road in the past for our future. As our world approaches a technological height, we should all remember where our spirits lie and the worth of every single life. If we do not take the time to recognize our purpose, we are living with a void in our hearts, because we are lacking love. Love for our surroundings, for our fellow human beings, love for life, and most importantly, love for ourselves. I this say most importantly because without self-love we cannot give love of any form.

As human beings, there many commonalities that we share regardless of race, ethnicity or color. Therefore, we should all take the time to open our eyes and hearts so that we may begin to love all that our eyes behold. It takes very little time to smile at someone or help someone in need. A simple gesture may even save a life.


More often than not, we are distracted by the obstacles in our lives and by our daily routines. We remain stagnant in a solitary place or time and lose sight of our common bond. My dedication to my gift allows me to free my spirit so that others can benefit from the gift of self-expression. The gift I have been blessed with does not belong to me, this language I speak has no dialect to decipher and everyone who comes across my work is free to go within my world and experience life as they have only been allowed or allow themselves to.


The fact that we will never know which will be our last breath should be a reminder that we should live our lives fully and take the time to enjoy the beauty each day has to offer. There is no time like the present to make a difference. I believe neither time nor age should stand in the way of one’s dreams, aspirations, goals, and vision.


If I should never produce another emotion again. I have lived a lifetime of joy without regret knowing I did everything in my power to be the best individual I am.


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