Ray Rosario

When a fusion of two souls with the power of passion running in their veins unite for a common bond expressing sensuality, pause...then entangle in each other’s space, we get the pleasure of seeing the gift of expression explode into the vision created with such beauty and gracefulness. It’s powerful and the precession in movements are intensely weaving a web of elegance called TANGO.

They gave and I absorbed, creating a piece for all to see. They fed me with inspiration and let me breathe as I brushed with their spirits inside. I was welcomed into their home where they created with each other’s bodies. I sat, I observed, I ate with them, I relaxed in the comfort of their souls as each found one another, as each traveled within their own confinements to reach that one place where the passion for what they do dwells and lives vibrantly. They each expressed and then united to create for others to see, to feel, and travel to a place where others dance so free. We then all come together to experience what the dancers of life give us...the choice to dance with them.

I then stage managed a couple of their wonderful productions because I needed to keep TANGO in my life.

In Loving memory
Jason Colacino
Rosa Collantes