We have accomplished the following:
- acquired 13 acres of land.
- identified the people’s needs.
- acquired a team of specialist to work on the needs. For team details click on "How it Started."

1. Health and Social Services
2. Dental: A dental practice will be traveling to the village once a year.
3. Education
4. Decrease Infant Mortality Rate Program IHAN (International Health Awareness Network) NGO

     - connected with The Solar Electric Fund for solar installments.
     - established a working relationship with a local construction company in Tanzania.
     - established a relationship with NYU for student exchange.
     - created a student-based Well Life Project to raise the funding for the well.

Planning Stages

Stage 1: Survey:
               This involves the city officials measuring out the land and setting the markers around the perimeter to finalizing the certificate of ownership.
               Cost: $4,500.00  This stage can be completed within 3 weeks of payment.

Stage 2: Architects:
               This is the process in which we meet with the architects and lay out our vision for the village which includes all the items listed below. They will then

               proceed to draw plans and a mockup of the village in its construction phases with cost and time period.

Stage 3: Well Life Project
               Fundraiseing is currently underway.

Stage 4: Office/Storage
                A small office will be built in order to conduct day to day operations of the village and store away all equipment and materials.

Stage 5: Secondary School (High School)
                The construction of the secondary will  provide a facility to start educating the children in a modern facility with the tools necessary for a great education.  

                The school will start with 9th - 12th grades. The school will start to generate income to become self-sustainable. Within 4 years of full operation it will also                  generate enough income to assist the clinic.

Stage 6: Student & Staff Housing
Stage 7: Health Clinic


Stage 8: Vocational Center

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