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For our minds to obtain the understanding and nature of Hope and Faith, we have to understand the power behind such words and its application to our existence. To accept these two into our lives means we have to accept all that comes with the risk of believing and walking into such an abyss. Time and life will serve to give us the necessary tools to discover and understand both. Moments in our lives will present themselves to test our ability to have Hope and Faith. Fear cannot exist for this to truly work and become the beacon of light in our lives as well as others.

We cannot place hope and faith into what we do if it doesn’t exist inside us. Our thoughts and words hold no strength or power if we operate and process life through our outer shell and a portal of fear. Life has to be processed through a filter of Love. If we don’t place Faith and Hope in what we do, how will we ever know and change the world around us. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The only way this will truly change all that you know is to surrender your heart in pure form, without holding back. Only when we have done this for ourselves can we do it for others.

Life will present moments to challenge us in these matters and only when we have the strength to walk with faith will we ever now the full power behind it. This isn’t something we see with our eyes, but obtain it through the love that is giving to us when we extend it into the world with pure intent. Even to those whom we may consider to an opposing force.

Our faith will grow and empower us to reach other levels of compassion to make all the difference in the world. So if we have any doubt about what we feel, remember, we cannot place Hope and Faith in what we don’t do.

Life will repeat the same challenges until we are ready and pass them with a clear understanding why they occurred. We have not failed if we do not recognize these opportunities first time around, it may not be our time to move forward until the lessons are learned. Then we are able to live by them as an example.

When we live with faith, we will no longer worry about all the things we cannot control. Control is an illusion that we implement in our minds in order to cope with evil that surrounds us daily and feel safe in the world. We are never guaranteed to walk back into our homes when we leave for the day. Replace the fear with Faith and what feels like the weight of the world will be lifted from our shoulders.

We will be blessed with unexpected gifts to view and live life with love so we may spread it around. The world around us will benefit from our great energy of love that penetrates others and move mountains so we can live a fulfilled life granted by Love, Hope, and Faith.

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