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Gifts of Life

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

From time to time the world will deliver unexpected exchanges, gifts, surprises, and relationships we believe we are undeserving of. Everyone of these have their purpose to the receiver and giver. It's always a two-way street even if it doesn’t appear apparent at the moment. The receiver and giver will know the purpose in their own time. We just need to be open in understanding that the universe is responding to what is needed in our lives, and for each of us it is different.

There are times in our lives where strangers will make the greater impact than those closest to us. During these times of unexpected exchanges, we may keep ourselves and others at bay, at distance from exploring some of the greater moments life has to offer. Those of us who forge in big city life, tend to be a bit busy to see these gifts or have become a bit hard due to the harsh environment and past relationships, both friendships and romantic. We retreat into our safe spaces shielding our hearts and emotions. The reasons could be many. Some of which we may be aware of; others we are not. They could be brought upon our past, maybe even a time before we can remember, buried deep in our subconscious.

A familiar emotion when it comes to accepting a gift is guilt, not knowing if we should or have to reciprocate or that we could or wish to. We could feel a sense of commitment to the other. As if we owe the individual something for the gift bestowed upon us. We need to understand that they are just that, gifts. We should accept them with grace, humility and thanks. We are not meant to give in return when we receive these gifts. The world is delivering these gift to assist us through life and provide what is needed so we can restore ourself and become strong enough, both emotionally and physically to give to others as it was given to us. We can not give what we don’t have. Our time to pass on the love will come in time for another who will need. This is why it's important to learn how to receive these gifts, the lessons behind them, then pass them on with the same strength, love and lesson that we did.

We allowed the giver to fulfill their purpose in life, rewarding them with love, as a receiver. We allowed someone to share their love with us. You have to understand how powerful and the strength we have as a receiver to follow through. We in our vulnerable state of acceptance delivered a power gift of love to the giver allowing them to live out their purpose. As an underserving believer of a gift, you will know the amazing power of fulfillment, when you in return become the giver in your healthiest state to another. Only then will you fully understand the exchange as equal, not one sided.

This is a vast world full of endless possibilities and its easier to dismiss or rule out these gifts if we feel we are undeserving of them on any level. We are denying ourselves the tools and love necessary for us to learn and grow past our weaknesses. It’s not hard to distinguish whether these gifts are genuine or not. Our instincts are amazing; I don’t believe we use them enough, denying their development to enhance our lives or learn to listen to them properly. Internal intent is the most powerful energy and tool within our grasp, which is felt and seen.

Actions have a way of speaking louder than words. We will be able to feel and understand a person's intent if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open to life. This allows us to separate fact from fiction and detect if we should accept the gifts or believe they will cause us harm. We can not base our decision on fear, because fear is the crippling power that will keep us living without ever achieving our greatest potential in life. It's quite alright to have fear, it's part of our hard wire. It will keep us safe at times when we understand it proper and encages other times when we allow in improperly. We work through the fear to understand its place in our life as a safeguard, not a prison.

The exchanges of life, familiar and unfamiliar will be the building blocks of our life’s foundation. Denying life, is denying living. These gifts are a blessing that will reach their destination if we allow them. This energy of giving love through gifts provides reciprocity and is life sustaining. It provides an endless source of love that keeps us grounded with humility to make all things we wish to achieve possible. The gift of acceptance is also a gift to the giver.

To be continued; maybe.

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