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No Docking Station

As I began to find myself, I wonder is this really me or an illusion of my life. I just don’t know sometimes. My soul will one day flourish as my work always have, I will arrive.

My external coat is a bit worn and torn by the weather of life, for now I remain inside my sheltered skin so not to loose my life completely. Hidden from most, if not from all.

Take, take, take as most have. Those who have attempted, failed to take me away. I hold onto to the rail of life with loose bolts. How much can one take? I ask, with no answer.

If not for the beauty inside,

If not for the beauty I produce,

If not for the value of my life I hold onto to oh so slim, I would fly with my hollow shell to the other side and run with the flowing ripples of my view with no docking station to the end of time.

I am beauty, I am power, I am life.

I will do, I will survive, I will arrive to that destination I feel inside.

I leave evidence of my life as a gift to you.

I, my external beauty will never wither away, for my work is here to stay. I leave my life, my dream, my existence.

I leave you alone with my rainbow to see.

Disclaimer: It's not about me.

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