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Limitations & Success

As my gift grows inside, I thirst; as my sights are impaled by reality, I hunger; as I reach out to others, I see the longing in their eyes for the life they wish to live. My thirst is only quenched when I can give some part of my life to others. I will give to all those who ask, whether it is stated verbally or in the sub-conscience. You are heard either way.

The process of requesting life’s gifts and blessings of pure love has to be understood. Before you ask of the world, be clear of the real true motive. One has to be ready to handle the gifts and do right by them. If intentions prove otherwise, the fruits of life will be denied until you are ready to taste with your heart.

"Age is an issue of the mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain

So many are satisfied with the average taste of life because familiarity is safer than uncertainty. Exploration is limited by the boundaries that society has created in our minds through a set of systems designed to undermined and suppress progress on an equal level. Discovery is left to others who are willing to think, explore, and live outside the box. The key lies with recognizing the power of your presence to be all that your mind is capable of producing, but more importantly, does our existence have a purpose? A question we fail to ask ourselves and seek the answer.

Fear is at the core of all that we will not manifested. Some of these limitations are self-induced. Tasting life without fear will take a lifetime to fill it with all you wish and deserve. We hold the key and power to manifest all that our minds conceptualize. Others live vicariously because of fear, then it turns into anger, resentment, jealousy, and any other word you can think of that are harmful. We then spiral down with negativity, instead of using that energy to propel us forward. No one is placed above another, self-placement empowers movement in the sub-conscious and leads us to think we are of less valuable or unequal, when in fact we are all the same and the dream is ours if we wish to live it.

Most successes are built on failures, setbacks, roadblocks, challenges, struggles, and obstacles. All designed to strength our weaknesses and build us for long-term success. We tend to fear these words and look at them negatively instead of a positive manner. These are the measuring and learning experiences that are going to guide us up the right paths, both from a professional and personal perspective. Once we have learned and evolved, they become tools so we can educate others following in the same footsteps. The integrity of our success depends on extending ourselves to others with pure intentions of paying it forward. It is our duty and responsibility to share our knowledge with kindness and love whenever possible.

I learned that the word failure is not failing, unless you have given up one hundred percent without ever in your life time trying again to achieve what you set out to do in the first place. One of the few things I understood about the excuses surrounding failure is that is wasn’t the right time, right opportunity, right person, or circumstances I needed to achieve what I set out to do and be successful. I never failed, I just found a different way of achieving my goals. This will always be the case if you never give up and are persistence, with patience of course. That is why it is vital and importance to build and have patience, so we can then see the right opportunities when they arrive without settling. We determine what the meaning of success is

for ourselves, not society or others. 

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