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Love's Victory

Updated: Mar 12

Love's Victory - Ray Rosario
Love's Victory - Ray Rosario

We have entered an era of wanting more than we are giving, taking more than distributing, dismantling more than building, destroying more than loving. It is important to understand and know that systems are in place to distract us from truth and ourselves. The rise in race wars, poverty, mass shootings, and violence has desensitized our way of life and downgraded our values from past generations. We have become more detached

from ourselves and our true core to experience the power of love without prejudice. One of the key establishments’ agenda is separation. Uniting is dangerous. Our priorities have shifted from self-identity to what can we obtain for instant gratification to satisfy unwanted carves triggered in our subconscious from the mastery craft of propaganda through all forms of media. Most of us recycle issues and problems on all levels for many years without ever realizing that we are being created with hollow shells and no substance to feed our souls and mind.

We need a restructure our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits. A re-birth to revitalize and harness love by loving ourselves first before being able to give it. We need to place love at the forefront of our subconscious and have it lead our lives. LOVE comes in many forms and experiences. In relationships, not everyone we engage with will lead to marriage and children. When we are clear and healthy, we will learn and grow from every single relationship despite the outcome. Some will be painful, but the pain will enhance and build our knowledge of life so that we may grow, share, and even teach others when the moment presents itself. LOVE is a gift for those of us who are fortunate to experience it. Love needs to always find its way into the homes of our hearts.

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Love's Victory - Ray Rosario
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