• Ray Rosario


Updated: Apr 22


I developed HOPE. When the world around us feels like it is falling apart and it seems like there is nothing to hold onto to; hope will blanket our hearts through the turmoil and fill it with comfort so we may continue our journey with a focused mind. I developed FAITH. This existing entity will place our fears and despair to rest for life when our hearts are prepared to accept without doubt.

With an open MIND for growth, we will inhale what life presents without any restrictions or prejudice to obtain the highest-level of achievements. Awoke and present, life will educate us by absorbing each day as our last. Schooling ends with our last breath.

I bare my SOUL for transparency and no hidden agendas encompassing my work with truth. My physical BODY will enable me to stand strong against all elements for those who are unable to stand for themselves. I RISK everything to soar heights with my visions, creations, and dreams. We will minimize our growth potential with life without risk or chance of any sort.

COURAGE will allow us to stand in truth with ourselves without fear enabling forward momentum throughout our lives. Only then will we be able to UNITE, never having to point the finger and accept all as equals to bond for a common cause and vision.

DETERMINATION will allow us to achieve what others only dreams about. We determine the meaning of success and outcome in all areas of our life.

We build our STRENGTH and foundation with SELF-LOVE. Our weaknesses will become our power with given time and appropriate care like all healing wounds. We will then be able to practice giving LOVE daily making a difference and living a PURPOSEFUL LIFE.

We then see our DREAMS flourish and manifest into reality. As the power of our dreams unfold, we will sour with all its glory into the uncharted territory of pure happiness without limitations or boundaries. Setting an example for many generations to come, restoring hope and faith to HUMANITY.


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