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The Market Place
Ray Rosario

This cycle never seems to end, repeating our past history, over and over again without ever applying what we have learn from the past because profits come before human life across the world.

This is a recycled message that will continue to loop long after we are gone. At times this fight may appear to be a lost cause because we continue to repeat our past offenses through past centuries. As long as there is a new life being born, they will keep faith and hope alive till the end of time.

These pieces are dedicated to the millions of lives that have been lost since the beginning of time. Most of the sketches you see on the page will be turn into painting and others will remain as drawings for the future exhibit.

I will also include a few sculptures.

My gratitude, thanks, and prayers go out to all those who have fought, continue to fight, and have lost there lives for theses causes. A special thanks to Scott Carney for sharing his gift with words and writing a book called "The Red Market" which inspired me to pursue these  causes and keep his mission alive through my creations.

Ray Rosario

Free will is the birth of both, all that is the greater good in us (humanity) and the worst evil action we can conceive of doing to ourselves.

We discard human life without a second thought, all in the name of profit, greed, jealousy, and hatred. We kill those we love the most because we believe love is about possession and not freedom. We exterminate entire races and cultures through genocide simply because they are different and we are fearful. We sell ourselves and enslave others to make a living by force, we surrender faith to sell our organs as well as steal and kill each other for them. We order body parts and children without thinking about the origins and the consequences of broken homes and people being slaughtered to fill the orders. We use our wombs to manufacture life for sale, as if life has a dollar value. Even in death, our body parts are stolen and sold at red and black markets. Sadly, in places we are worth more dead than alive.  We export our donated blood for extreme profits while denying medical assistance to those domestically as they die in our emergency rooms due to the lack of insurance. We strip our children of all their innocence; they are born to us in the purest form of love we will ever know, yet we violate them physically, mentally, and destroy them without ever having a chance to become who they are.

Ray Rosario
Ray Rosario
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