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Human Trafficking Art - Ray Rosario

Deflowering and the purchase of a girl for her virginity can be traced back to the ancient times of Babylon and Greece. From the time humans moved from hunter-gatherers to an agricultural society, the balance of sexual equality tilted toward men, who increasingly sought to control a woman’s sexuality. Eventually, this led to placing a premium on a woman’s virginity.


All too often, all over the world—from so-called third world countries to the alleged sophisticated European palates, from the Americas to Asian borders and every country in between, young girls have been sought after for both their mental and sexual innocence. 

Girls are misled into marriage in Afghanistan and Iraq so that men can empower themselves with sex and divorce them afterwards. Because this occurs at such a young age, this disgraces the family leaving her ashamed, homeless at times and even put to death.  


Myths touting the “healing powers” of sex with young children, particularly virgins is another false justification for the gathering and selling of a young girls—and their virginity is sold to the highest bidders.  

This also occurs with Iraq women

In this drawing, a virginal girl awaits her predator against her will. Because she is in a position where she is vulnerable and unable to make her own life decisions, she is depicted as floating. Her toy bear, beaten and battered, represents her future in the trafficking world.


Human Trafficking - Ray Rosario
Human Trafficking - Ray Rosario


Human Trafficking
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