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The Church, Saint Dominic, and The Rosary

Long before the Cold War and the use of propaganda tactics such as posters created by commissioned artist to spread fear mongering along with Edward Bernays modern day techniques on how to psychologically prepare the populace on commercialism, the Roman Catholic Church used the same techniques to instill and ingrain their story line into the mind of millions. The effects on millions still hold strong till this day. 


In the Middle Ages, artists mostly earned their living by commissioned work. Artists seldom created personal work that sold directly to the public. Artists like painters, sculptures, craftsmen, were extremely fortunate to have earned the trust of wealthy patrons who would commission a self or family portraits painted. Commissioned work was their main source of income. 


The Church commissioned all artists to create images based on the narrative they wish to implant on the followers and public’s mind. The story of Mary, Saint Dominic, and the Rosary is an example. The church spared no expense on commissioning sculptures, craftsmen, and painters to create this story. The following photos are just a few examples of hundreds created by artists with the blessed Mary giving the Rosary to Saint Dominic and instructions on how to pray with them. In a few cases, the Popes at the time, had themselves included in the painting to indoctrinate their place in history and appear to be on a higher level of holiness. This can be seen in the first photo of the painting and second photo of the stain glass window. 

Ray Rosario - Sex Trafficking
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