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Converting Merchants National Bank into a Haven for the Arts in

Plattsburgh, NY.

The Dream 

The Dream 

This is one of those rare moments in life where a dream has come true. The acquisition of this building is not just to preserve its historical value to the town, it allows me to create an Art Space showcasing all forms of arts such as Dance, Music, Sculptures, Readings, Photography, Performing Arts, Art Exhibitions and Educational Programs just to mention a few. This will be a one of a kind gathering hub for locals and bring tourist in to support the towns businesses.


Its purpose is to enrich the community with the Arts and increase the towns presence. Viewing the structure from the exterior as well as entering it, will provide a thought provoking experience. 


9000 +/- sq. ft. former Merchants National Bank. This is a beautiful, one of a kind building. With ornate masonry exterior and 2 level floor to ceiling windows. Its located in the heart of the downtown Plattsburgh district and neighbors to many great restaurants, the Theatre and Art Center,  and Plattsburgh University. A 15 minute stroll to the Marina.

Ray Rosario
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