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Sex Trafficking Survivors

Victim: How I got sex trafficked..

Ray Rosario-Human Trafficking Art
Amy - Sex Trafficking Survivor
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 Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson was trafficked within the Heartland of the USA. Her experiential knowledge of how trafficking operates in the Midwest is incredibly valuable to those hoping to make a difference in this very real war. She details her captivity in the dark world of sex trafficking and the journey out in her book “From Trafficked to Treasured”.

While shame and pain kept her quiet for years, Kelly’s journey of healing and freedom from sex trafficking are giving her a loud voice today. Having survived the un-survivable, her skills come forth in maneuvering the difficult arena of a very painful subject matter. Her courage to walk into a crowd and discuss the controversial is a communication gift that she excels in. Her tenacity to see others freed keeps her pushing through the most difficult of obstacles. Coming from the perspective of one who has walked the long road out, Kelly has a dynamic style and ability to relate to her audience.

 Kelly Patterson - Sex Trafficking Survivor
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Kelly Patterson
Ray Rosario - Sex Trafficking
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