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Producer Ed Martin requested that my painting Realigning the Vision be part of the film. I agreed and found myself being offered a small speaking cameo in the flim as an EMS responder.

Director: Derek Velez Partridge
Writer: Carlos R. Bermudez
Producers: Ed Martin and Derek Velez Partridge
Cast: Kate Del Castillo, Luis Antonio Ramos, Adrian Martinez, Priscilla Lopez, Andre Royo and Tony Plana.

The Miracle of Spanish Harlem is a magical romantic drama following the life of Tito Jimenez, a widower and father of two girls. Despite holding down two jobs, Tito has trouble providing for his family and has lost his faith. Now, with a second chance at love, Tito is forced to make a decision that will drag his family down a trail of love, faith and redemption that begins with a lie and ends with a surprisingly true miracle.    

Ray Rosario
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