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Community - Face Painting

The ARTS are an important part of our society. It can be used to relay messages, provide entertainment, and assist in the healing process for those in need.


In underprivileged communities the excitement builds in the children eyes as well as adults to have creative images painted on their faces. The lines are long and never end. Some show their gratitude with smiles and others with hugs. They all leave lifted and filled with joy in their hearts as we feel the power of giving is a two way street.


A small service as face painting brings delight to many. In hospitals it helps as part of the healing process for those in need of hope when ill. They need to feel part of our ordinary living scene inside the confinement of those walls. If you have a talent or skill that can provide joy to others, find a way to make it happen. The rewards of making a difference are endless. 


We team up with The Westchester Square Zerega Improvement Organization who have been face painting and creating ARTS & CRAFTS opportunities for children since 1990, free of charge.

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