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The NIMBY Experience

My mission to make a difference with my art has now led into film. I was fortunate to be part of this great project with Jacquelyn  Aluotto (Founder and Director) of Pick It Up! Pictures. I was Executive Producer along with my sister and continue to spread awareness on social issues that impact us all. The introduction was made by Ed Martin (Line Producer). The entire crew was amazing along with the experience, not to mention Luis Guzman who went beyond expectations.
The NIMBY Experience is a pledge by celebrities, committed to MAKING A DIFFERENCE and shed light on causes they are passionate about.

SEE ME brings awareness to a global crisis, “Homelessness”. Luis Guzman went homeless to advocate for the cause and see what it would be like to face such adversity. This humbling experience moved him to do what he can to make a difference for homelessness.

During the filming at the Bowery Mission I met a worker who struggled since the age of 16 and was homeless for many years until he had the strength to




finally turn his life around and the Bowery Mission helped achieve this goal. He is now an employee at the Mission and shares his story with others and even spoke at the Pierre Hotel for executives about how he turned his life around. After a standing ovation he was confused because he couldn’t understand why such gratitude until a member of the audience informed him of the value his life had and the impact it left on him.

The Yorkville Common Pantry and the Bowery Mission were the two locations that Luis Guzman went to for assistance while he was homeless. These locations provide lifesaving services that is always in need of support whether it’s volunteering or donations.   

To support any of these locations, please click on their logos and find out how you can make a difference.

Ray Rosario
Ray Rosario
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