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The Rosaries

The Inspiration for this piece came from reading the testimony of Maureen Sullivans book “Girl in the Tunnel” and the 796 remains of infants discovered in Tuam at an unmarked grave disguared by Nuns from 1926 to 1961. In her book she describes the painful process of being forced by Nuns on Sunday which they called recreation time, to hand-craft rosary’s all day for sales at the church shops world-wide. Muareen states “all over the world, Catholics said their Rosaries every night with their fingers holding beads that slaves had strung together. Lost souls and broken hearts made those Rosaries. 


Before judgment falls upon this creation of using what some consider a sacred holy relic, we should understand its origin and be critical thinkers in life by doing the research instead of taking information as fact being told by storytellers who create their own narrative to fit an agenda.


The Rosary is not mentioned in the Bible or ever used by Jesus or his disciples. The origins date back to the middle ages and have different stories linked to it depending on who you ask. According to tradition within the Roman Catholic Church, the origin of the modern Rosary started at the beginning of the 13th Century when, according to the Catholic Church, the Blessed Mother Mary appeared to Saint Dominic in the church of Prouille.

Later in the 15th century, a Dominican priest had a plan to re-establish the use of the Rosary. The priest was Blessed Alanus de Rupe, a theologian, and a learned preacher. His addition to the Rosary was the “15 Promises” of Mother Mary to any Christian who uses the Rosary as a prayer instrument. In the second half of the sixteenth century, the Rosary was approved by the Catholic Church. The Dominican Pope Pius V issued the papal bull Consueverunt Romani Pontifices, which established the devotion to the Rosary.


In conclusion, the rosary is used to pray and get closer to God and to keep our devotion strong. It helps us get through tough times if we use it with good intentions. It was also created by man, it is not a holy relic from Jesus or God. The same religion that created its purpose also enslaved women and girls to create them for profit world wide. 

Ray Rosario - Sex Trafficking
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