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When Silence Ends
This is a special project created by the Hands of Justice organization founder, Rebecca Cary. They assist in partnering artists with a Human Trafficking overcomers who share their story. The artist will then use the real life story to create an image that will be featured in the book side by side with the overcomers story. This is part of the second book of this kind. The first was released 2022 as seen the book displayedThe second edition which will include this creation will be released in 2024. To support the book or organization, click on images.


Taylor Coibions Story
In His Own Words

This creation's narrative starts with Taylors life being saved by God never losing the connection to his mother despite being separated as an infant through a spiritual umbilical cord. God had plans for his Taylor's life.


Crows historically are symbols of death as represented here, but they also have another meaning in this piece. All animals are creations of God, the three crows represent the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. The crows are witnessing the miracle of his life being saved as the mother's blood is spilled onto the earth presenting her death. That is why her face is in black smoke.


The touch of light blue represents the sky as well as the sex of the baby.

Ray Rosario
Ray Rosario
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