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Organ Harvesting - Organ Trafficking
Trafficking and Taking Life for Organ Sales

Organ Harvesting

These are a few of the terms used when it comes to the purchasing or the selling of organs illegally. This is a global market known as the Black Market, Red Market, or Underground  Market on its own and a secondary market for Human Trafficking. For example; if a trafficker abuses an individual near death or is killed during sex, the body is placed on ice to harvest the organs. It’s horrific to know in some cases, the human body is worth more dead than alive.  


The organ trade, which includes illegal organ transplants, generates significant income, with conservative annual estimates between USD $840 million to USD $1.7 billion and 12,000 illegal transplants. About 10% of all transplants are believed to be illegal transplants (The Exodus Rode). These numbers will continue to rise as it has over the 20 years. 


Organ Harvesting as in Human Trafficking is a very complex market on all levels. Perpetrators of trafficking in persons often belong to complex organized criminal networks, including those acting on a transnational scale. The peculiarity of this form of trafficking, however, lies in the fact that, due to its specific medical nature, it often also involves health sector professionals, including surgeons, anaesthetists, nephrologists, nurses,5 ambulance drivers and other medical specialists. In certain cases, it will include the management of hospitals, transplant center's, laboratories and other medical facilities staff and insurance companies. These professionals may at times belong to the organized criminal networks, or participate in the activities of such groups and otherwise commit serious offenses for their benefit (ICAT-Traffikcing in Person for the Purpose of Organ Removal)

Financial profits margins are too high to resist and in some cases where professional, corporate companies, and government officials are involved, this market is nearly impossible to dismantle. In 2008 when the US Financial Market crashed, upon investigation, the evidence pointed to a deliberate cause for the crash created by corporate companies. There wasn’t a single arrest made by the US government towards the companies, only heavy fines. All those at the top of the chain will never be charged or do time. This has to make you think, Human Trafficking market profits are reaching the billions, the same rules apply when it comes to business. Because that's how they see Human Trafficking, nothing more. There are countless examples throughout our history of the two tier justice system in the US. 


This is our human evolution. 

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This act: The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act is the reason why this will occur with no repercussion to those who commit the human crimes.  Fighting against this act is the ONLY way this will change. It's a billion dollar business and can ONLY occur due to those at the highest level participating.

Organ Harvesting
Organ Harvesting
Organ Harvesting
Human Trafficking
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