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Trafficking Victims

Ray Rosario
Human Trafficking Art - Ray Rosario_edited.j

Victims in the tracking world never have a voice. It doesn’t start that way. There are so many ways an individual can get trafficked. One can even be trafficked while never leaving their home. Most traffickers are master manipulators and understand the psychological warfare they are about to instill onto their victims. The most effective method is falsifying the nature of love and affection. Once a victim believes the trafficker cares or loves them, they then start the abuse.

It is only after escape or rescue that they speak out about the ordeal if they can.

It may take years for a victim to express what they have gone through depending on the severity of their abuse. Some recover and others never do.

The suppression of a victim’s voice is the key survival for the trafficker. If the victim doesn’t testify, then they are free. The voice is a powerful weapon! That’s why it is suppressed. 

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