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Ray Rosario


An Exercise Book for the Spirit of Humanity - Practicing LOVE is about developing a universal framework for strengthening our capacity to love and grow in times where hope and faith are needed. It helps us work on increasing the love we have for ourselves while connecting with others in a healthy and positive manner. There are guidelines to Practicing Love and information to digest upon starting.


This book/journal touches on how to view and understand our personal past, honesty, fear, insecurities, technology and its effects. These topics are part of all our lives and vital to our growth. Understanding the impact will assist us in becoming critical thinkers and an active participant in life. Practicing LOVE is an ongoing exercise, a stepping stone in the right direction that will strengthen us in becoming grounded with humility and humanity while making a difference in the lives of others. Small steps with great impacts. Journal writing and sketch pages are provided at the back of the book for expression.


Reflective Times & Critical Thinking

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Ray Rosario
Ray Rosario
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Ray Rosario
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First featured in ebby Magazine with the book release, Ray is  now a contributing writer expanding on Ebby's mission to add Luxury For The Soul in the lives of the readers. To purchase issues, click on her logo and support an amazing creator and entrepreneur.
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Ray Rosario


This honest, insightful and thought-provoking book immediately captured me, and I was struck by how easily I could relate to many of the concepts presented. I felt as if the author was articulating many thoughts and feelings that I myself had experienced, but never took the time to reflect upon, appreciate or learn from.

The messages provided are inspiring, wise and beautiful, and encourage the reader to learn and experience the joys that result from practicing seemingly simple acts which have unfortunately been lost in the complex social media and technology-driven society of today. These include concepts such as allowing forgiveness, being appreciative, performing everyday acts of kindness, and approaching the world from a place of love.

In these challenging and deeply divisive times, the messages presented in this book are needed more than ever.

Ray Rosario


There are people in this world who can touch our hearts in really profound and meaningful ways. This book is a reminder of that, that our greatest gift is to love and LOVE HARD….no matter who or what gets in our way, kick that door down…do what you have to make sure the light is always around you…this is not a one-time read, this book is to be kept in your bag as a reminder that if your day or someone gets to you, throw LOVE at them, surround yourself with the light of Love. 


Thank you Ray for the Reminder.. and yes NYC can really make you into a bitter soul!!

Ray Rosario

Andrew Soliz

Hey guys, I think you should take a look at this new inspirational book called Practicing LOVE. For anyone who could use a jolt of encouragement/positivity, you should get this book. I was able to easily connect with and relate to the many experiences depicted within this reading, which I think should be shared amongst others. Thank you kindly, Ray, for opening my eyes and being an inspiration to my daily practices in life.

Ray Rosario

Students: download and complete the Practicing Love PDF student reading guide.

Ray Rosario
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