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Ray Rosario
Ray Rosario

Our future generations have always been one of my priorities. I am fortunate to have partnered up with Michelle Danvers-Foust, Director of the Upward Bound Program out of the Bronx Community College to implement a program that educates the students on foreign affairs. This project has become part of the curriculum and it's focus is on clean water issues and how can we make a difference. Aside from learning about this issue they will also raise the funds for a borehole well in Tanzania, Africa.

Michelle and I recognize that there is also a need for increased global awareness in the United States and felt this would be an excellent opportunity to tie in both matters. It is important to not only prepare students for the future through reading, writing and arithmetic; but to expose them to international issues of humanity as well. The main components of the project is to teach critical thinking and leadership skills.

This  project will help shape our future leaders and

minds about humanity as well as leave a lifelong

impact on all those involved from both sides.   

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