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Ray Rosario

When the fusion of two souls with the power of passion flowing in their veins unite for a common bond, expressing sensuality becomes seamless. In the movements that follow, they exchange scents, touches, gazes, they pause for a brief moment, then with firm grips on each other, they slowly exchange breaths…


Upon inhaling each other.. they untangle to display intricate moves. We then get the pleasure of seeing the gift of expression explode into a vision created with beauty and gracefulness. It’s powerful and precise, intense and seductive.


It's no secret, when he does his job and guides her on the floor, it is to display her presence as if he doesn’t exist. It is so she shines to guide our eyes wherever she glides. 


It's no surprise that she trusts his handling of her body, spirit and confidence. It is for those reasons, she has the great pleasure to journey as she wishes, with sight or blind. When their energy infuses, the two perform as one. This is when we see the weaving of an elegant web called TANGO.


We then all come together to experience what the infused dancers give us...the choice to dance with them.

I then stage managed a couple of their wonderful productions because I needed to keep TANGO in my life.

I had the honor and pleasure of working with the following dancers. If you wish to learn Tango, click on theirs names.
Mariana Parma

Michael 'El Gato' Nadtochi
Carolina Jaurena


In Loving Memory
Jason Colacino
Ray Rosario
Rosa Collantes
Ray Rosario
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