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KR3T's - Ray Rosa

KR3TS (Keep Rising To The Top) is a dance company that caters to children, young adults of lower to middle-income families in New York City, primarily. The company also welcomes others throughout the five boroughs. They learn to express their talents through dance, and are encouraged to set goals, strive for what they believe in, to improve their self-esteem, teamwork and to dream.

I met Violet (founder and choreographer) over 18 years ago. I was escorting a friend who needed to drop off some flyers at her location. As I sat through rehearsal, my emotions ran with the dancers in amazement. Witnessing such a large group, giving their hearts to a passion of dance, commitment, and dreams; made me realize I was destined to have some part in this group of dreamers. I approached Violet and inquired how she manages to maintain the group afloat. She responded with fundraisers but hasn't had the opportunity or support to organize one. Upon hearing this, I offered to organize her 16th Anniversary concert fundraiser. By the end of the event, I found myself immersed in sharing all that I could and becoming a part of the KR3TS family. What I loved and understood more than anything else, was the gratitude the dancers had for the help and love they receive. If you looked into their eyes, you can see and feel the difference one can make. Their lives and experience have certainly enhanced and made a difference in my life.  Since then, I return to stage manage the annual fundraiser concert and will continue to do so. They deserve more opportunities than life has granted them.


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