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One of the amazing perks of following your dream is the unpredictable results life grants you. I have shared many amazing moments with people and had the privilege of meeting those who achieve personal greatness in their fields of the Arts, in this case music.

As a deep lover of music I was a DJ for 14 years before transitioning into an artist. I love and play all music including Roberta Flack. Years later I had the privilege of presenting her with a commissioned self portrait in charcoal at an award ceremony. The exchange of energy backstage was heartfelt and amazing. She didn’t allow me to leave until she found one of her personal CD’s and gifted me with it. Moments like this inspire, motivate and last a lifetime. Simply because I decided to pick up a paint brush.

Ray Rosario D Train
Ray Rosario - Corina
Wynton Marsalis - Ray Rosario
Papo Vazquez - Ray Rosario
Roberta Flack - Ray Rosario
Roberta Flack - Ray Rosario
 Ray Rosario - Roberta Flack
Ray Rosario

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My love for music came to full circle making lifelong friendships with some of the greatest in their genre of music. Spinning R&B & Freestyle, D-Train & Corina become great friends. Corina was inspired to use my art in her musical video. I became a dancer in the background. The best Jazz Masters like Sherman Irby, Winton Marsalis, and Latin Afro-Caribbean Jazz Master, and Papo Vazquez welcomed me in their circle as a creative peer.


I never create without music in the background. It is such an essential part of my being. Pursue what your heart demands. The rewards are greater than anything you could imagine.

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