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I had no choice if I wished to remain true to who I am with what I felt inside, if I didn’t pursue art later in life. Transitioning from the corporate sector to the art world, I transformed my life based on experiences, values, and global perspectives I learned along the way. The world has shaped my philosophy and passion towards humanity, which in turn impacted the way I approach all forms of art. My work infuses emotion from the darkest areas of humanity to that of spiritual enlightenment. The actions taken by me in life reflect the values instilled by my amazing parents. I live life wearing my heart on my sleeve and believe in full transparency so truth can be seen, felt and expressed. 

I have been fortunate that my work has impacted humanity through love, art, film, sculptures, and now words. I've also been blessed to have my work commissioned and owned by private collectors, celebrities, and those who value my movement for humanity.

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Ray Rosario
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