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I have been fortunate to share the stage several times with Pierina Sanchez at Bronx Community College to promote Careers, Education, Passions and Dreams. We are part of the Upward Bound family. She is now running as a Democrat for the City Council 14th district.


As a colleague and friend fighting for the rights of the people, I ask for your help and support in any way possible. With your time on her campaign team or by donation. No effort or amount is too small.

You can view her stands on issues like Housing, Education, Healthcare, Community, Environment and Opportunity on her site listed above.

You can support three ways:

1. Contribute directly to her campaign by clicking on the Donate Now button. 

2. You can purchase the book and the proceeds from the sale will go to her campaign. Simply click on the book to purchase.

3. Sign up to assist the campaign in person with your time. She needs our help to knock on doors, make phone calls and reach every voter in the 14th district which consist of Morris Heights, University Heights, Mount Hope, Fordham, Kingsbridge. To do so, go to


Together we can assist in her campaign and vote her into office where she can achieve her goals, aspirations and dreams in making a difference for humanity. I played a small role, it all matters.

Ray Rosario Pierina Sanchez
Pierina Sanchez

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On March 20, 2022, Pierina Sanchez was sworn into office as the 14th District City Council Woman. 
No dream is too big to achieve. The power of unity.

Pierina Sanchez
Pierina Sanchez
Ray Rosario
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