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Faith Testimony Poem

Updated: Jan 23

Faith - Poem
Faith - Poem

Our paths have crossed on the way to the promised land. The land where all is free.

Be not afraid of something unknown, because your heart will guide and protect you.

We, as children, are always being looked after in a world full of dark tunnels.

Do not fear for the light will guide you, the light that is found within.

Faith in all that is good 

Faith in the healing power 

Faith in what is yet to come You are sheltered, so let go and believe in what is not there... for there is where you will find happiness.

Do not be afraid and have faith.

I would not write this if the cracks upon the path I walk on were not filled with love. Love that was sent so that I may continue my journey to make a difference, which I have felt since childhood and does not end by the age of someone’s existence.

If there is a higher plain that calls, then there is where I should be. If on my way there I should get lost, there will be others to help guide me.

A gift from above, not the sky or clouds, but our understanding.

Faith will feed      

Faith will heal, Faith will shelter you

Please believe and only then shall you be led into my heart.

Download Testimony Poem

Faith Testimony - Ray Rosario
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