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The Well Life Project is a component of a larger project of Building a Village of HOPE.  Building a Village of HOPE has chosen to focus its efforts on The District of Mkuranga, located in the Coast Region of Tanzania in East Africa where we acquired 13 acres of land. It has a population of 60,000 people in the immediate area and is one of the poorest and underserved districts in the country.  The nation is suffering in part due to its lack of quality water. This problem affects the health of the children, constrains the life of the women and girls, and impairs the house holds hygiene and sanitation.

Ray Rosario

Despite the availability of water resources, most of the sources are contaminated and cause water and sanitation related diseases. About 60% of childhood deaths among children under the age of five are caused by malaria and acute diarrhea. Building a Village of HOPE understands that this is a challenge and has therefore partnered up with Michelle Danvers-Foust, Director of the Upward Bound Program out of the Bronx Community College to implement a program that educates the students of foreign affairs and raise the funds for a borehole well.

We recognize that there is also a need for increased global awareness in the United States and felt this would be an excellent opportunity to tie in both matters. It is important to not only prepare students for the future through reading, writing and arithmetic; but to expose  them to international issues as well. In order to be the proud country of intelligent, well-rounded citizens and leaders of tomorrow; we need to mold our young scholars of today.

The Well Life Project will supply a borehole well to a village in Mkuranga through funds raised by the teenagers of Upward Bound program. The youths will be educated on the water issues in Tanzania through a short video provided by Building a Village of HOPE.  As well as receive a few handouts explaining the mission and goals of the Well Life Project, an introduction to the Swahili language, and information on the borehole well and Tanzania.

We will also be setting up a satellite conference with kids from Tanzania to have a student exchange. The students will know who they are helping and be able to understand and see their impact.

In conclusion, a borehole well may not be the solution to all the problems in Mkuranga, but the project is an important step in providing quality water to the community that will help decrease disease, empower women and improve the hygiene and sanitation in the homes.  The fundraising aspect is also a unique and effective way to raise global awareness and unity with the Upward Bound Program students.

Project Goals

Goal 1  Educate students of the Upward Bound Program about Ground Water Hydrology and the Importance of Quality Water
                The students will be educated on the water issues in Tanzania through a short video provided by Building a Village of HOPE.  As well as receive a few handouts explaining the mission and goals of the Well Life Project, an introduction to the Swahili language, and information about the borehole well and Tanzania.

Goal 2  Women Empowerment
              Once a borehole well and storage tank are successfully installed, women and girls will no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water. The storage tank will be found in a central location. Allowing them several hours of time to focus on other activities. This also takes the pressure off of the girls having to be concerned about fetching water. Hopefully they will be empowered to attend school and gain an education.

Goal 3   Improved Sanitation/Hygiene in Mkuranga
              The borehole well is constructed to ensure quality water. Particularly, through the casing, screens and the laboratory water analysis. As a result, villagers will no longer have to make use of contaminated pools of water for their everyday activities. This will allow for immediate health and hygiene issues to be overcome and decrease suffering of disease.

Goal  4   Improved Education/Safety in Africa
               Having quality water placed in a harmless area closer to the village ensures the safety of the women and girls. They will no longer have to walk excessive distances to fetch water and be put at a high risk of danger. By having access to clean water, The District of Mkuranga will be able to perform their everyday activities more

efficiently. Students and teachers will be able to focus on their education and not when they will be able to flush a toilet or enjoy a glass of water. Clinics will also be able to perform better since an increase of access to quality water will lead to better hygiene and sanitation. Water is crucial to an individual’s health. More specifically, it is needed to fight off illness, digest food and remove wastes from the body. Quality water will allow for children to be healthier and have more energy to not only attend school, but be more alert to perform better in their studies.

Goal  5   Promote the power of Unity and Fundraising
                To participate in the project students are asked to join in the "$5 Campaign."  Every student is considered apart of our team and an investor in the Well Life Project.  In return, for their interest and contributions, The progress of the Well Life Project will be updated frequently on our website which all students and teachers will have access to it.  The students will not only be empowered by their involvement but will learn that anyone can make a difference and be a philanthropist.

Goal  6   Increased Global Awareness with the Upward Bound Program Students
               The students will be informed of the cause and share it with their peers. Students will not only have a better understanding of the issues and what they are a part of; but they will aid in increasing global awareness in the world around them.

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