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This project is organized by all volunteers. 100% of your contribution goes to the cause and it's tax deductable.

Our mission is to recognize the power we have as individuals and showcase our strength as a group.


The "ONLY 5" campaign will help us build a self-sustainable village in Mkuranga, Tanzania, that will provide thousands with clean water, healthcare, education and the tools to empower women through social services, entrepreneurial skills and more.

It takes ONLY 5! Join volunteers from all over the world and donate only $5.

Everyday we spend a few dollars on miscellaneous items like coffee ($2-$5), soda ($1.25), lottery tickets ($1-$5), music ($1.99-$14), and apps ($.99-$5). For the price of a lottery ticket and a cup of coffee, you could lend a helping hand to thousands of people in need. ONLY 5 dollars to help build a better life!

No part is too small in this great act of kindness.  All donors will have their name placed on the wall of HOPE at the entrance of the secondary school as part of a larger design unless instructed not to do so. 

If you are interested in placing a large tax deductible donation, as a thank you, once the structures are built, we will be honoring large contributions by labeling rooms, wings or buildings after the donors. Donors can also decide to fund a program of choice: education, health, scholarships to students, vocational training, uniforms or books. Please send an email in the contact section with any concerns or questions.

As progress continues the website will be updated. The project is also being documented with photos and footage that will be part of a documentary that includes the changes you help create, the lives you help change, and most importantly, the lives you help save. 


"Only 5" Campaign

If you are participating in the "Only 5" campaign, share it with us! Take a                         photograph of your "Only 5" hand symbol and submit it to our gallery. Get creative! You can write                   it, draw it, paint it. These can be individual or group pictures. Show everyone you were involved                       in the "Only 5" campaign to provide a better living environment to the people in Mkuranga, Tanzania.

If you are near a landmark building, bridge, or statue that identifies your city, take your "Only 5" picture in front, in it or on top of it. This will allow other "Only 5" campaigners to know which city you are supporting from. It will demonstrate the unity and the power we have as a global village without race, color or creed interfering as we stand together for humanity and make a difference. A small step with amazing results!


Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

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