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Canadian Residential Boarding Schools 

A playground for Catholic Priest to prey on Indigenous young boys and girls for their sexual pleasure, trafficking, including genocide.

For over 130 years till 1996, more than 100,000 of Canada's First Nations children were legally required to attend government-funded schools run by various Christian faiths. There were 80 of these 'residential schools' across the country. Most children were sent to faraway schools that separated them from their families and traditional land. These children endured brutality, physical hardship, mental degradation, and the complete erasure of their culture. The schools were part of a wider program of assimilation designed to integrate the native population into 'Canadian Society.' These schools were established with the express purpose 'To kill the Indian in the child.' Told through their own voices, 'We Were Children' is the shocking true story of two such children: Glen Anaquod and Lyna Hart. Source: IMDb

 Ray Rosario
Human Trafficking

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Ireland's Residential Industrial Reformatory Schools 

The similar occurred in Ireland, William Franklin was a teacher who stood up to the Catholic Reform School's disciplinary regime in 1939. Franklin was born in Ireland and moved to the United States, but returned in 1939 after losing his job due to his leftist political views. He then became the first non-cleric instructor at St. Jude's, where the priest physically abused the boys and raped them. Not all priest where involved. 

The boys as in the Magdalene Laundries with the girls and women, were given boxes of beads in which they made Rosaries that were sold through out the world in the Catholic Church shops. Until the head priest in charge of discipline murders a young boy by beating him to deaf, does some change occur. The Catholic Church has a history of simply moving Priest from one location to another where most continue to replicate the same behavior. The school system in Ireland existed until 1984.


William Franklin continued to teach and inspired many of the boys and assisted in the structured reform so the boys can become a good citizen once the are released. 

William joined theAllied Army and died on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. William demonstrated the power of a single individual who wished to create change within a harmful environment against all odds. The courage, bravery, and determination of William still lives on as an example for all till this day. 

Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking
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