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The Benefits of Surrendering to Faith

Updated: Jan 22


Faith is a very personal journey; these words describes mine. Historically, people have felt the need to worship and connect to a high- er being or elements, either as an individual or in a group. Understandably, religion is not for everyone, but Faith stands on its own. There is a clear understanding that too many men— and women—of the cloth use the power of Faith for their gain: power, greed, and control. This is not to say that religion or those within the structure are all evil. They’re just people, people who have exploited the bond of Faith and fallen to the evil ways of humanity . The downside of their actions has caused a large segment of society to become skeptical of traditional religions and Faith. This opens the doorway for cult-like groups, organizations, and companies to fill the gap of belonging and comfort people seek.

By itself, Faith is a powerful word. Faith offers the opportunity to worship, commune, develop a relationship, and connect to God directly eliminating humans from the equation and keeping the love in place. Faith will guide and support us through life so that we will find a home to conjugate with others and practice our Faith if we wish.

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