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Hope & Faith

Updated: Mar 12

History has a way of repeating itself from fashion to music to style. From the ashes of war comes peace, and from despair comes hope. The current time tests our humanistic ability to survive on multiple levels simultaneously, like no other time in history. We have had pandemics in the past with more significant life loss but never with the state of our federal and local governments in such disarray and millions of individuals suffering from unemployment. With people and small businesses dealing with losses, the wealth gap becomes even more dispropor­tionate. It is a time that has given rise to civil disobedience, national protests calling for equal rights, and national dialogue around racism-all of this occurring at once.

These are incredibly challenging times for humanity, not just in this country but across the world. One can view these times and the fluctuation of hope and faith. It's within these precise times that we are being tested as a society and as individuals. We have an uphill battle ahead of us. Our strength comes from our decision to fight with all our hearts projecting love, not hate. The result will surpass our expectations.

These are not merely battles waged against oppression and an improvement in our quality of life. These issues are on the surface. Underneath, there is a different war occurring; a spiritual war is taking place where we have to fight to save our souls for the greater good of humanity: This is an internal conflict to win an external battle.

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