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My Tears

Updated: Jan 20

My Tears
My Tears - Photo: Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

My tears fall from witnessing all the beauty that surrounds me at any given moment. Each day as I awake with the miracle of sight; my soul is filled with love and the joy of living to experience this world as it was created to be seen. Society blinds us from such beauty. To see, we have to reach inside and understand what our life is worth, what value we bestow on it and all that surrounds us.

Who molded the perfect ingenuity of our bodies with the senses? Who mastered this gift to create such sculptures? What was the inspiration?

Lets reach inside and use love to clear the rightful path that was meant to be seen. We will see our worth. This world is ours and life is but a blink. When will we stop living under our own shadows of fear?

Cherish the miracles that are given to us each day and see how every part of our existence is a modern day miracle that is taken for granted. Soak the world in like a sponge see all the love the world has to offer by extending it this gesture to others.

The tears that leave our body will be filled with love, not solely identified with pain and sadness.

If my tears were magical nectar of love, I would only wish for all to drink of my life.

I regret most of life due to my insecurities. Don’t wait until you are my age to understand, appreciate, and live life with love in your heart.

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