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Updated: Jan 22

Love - Photo: PEXELS

“Love is meant to be a pleasurable part of life, yet there are no people we are more likely to hurt, or to be hurt by, than those we are in a relationship with. The degree of cruelty that goes on between lovers puts established enemies to shame. We hope the love will be a powerful source of fulfillment, but it sometimes turns into an area for neglect, unrequited longing, vindictiveness, and abandonment. We become sullen or petty, nagging or furious, and without quite grasping how or why, destroy our lives and those we once claimed to care for.”        Alain de Botton

This is one of the reason why we have work and try to manifest all that we do and process life through a filter of LOVE. Claiming we LOVE has and will never be good enough; we have to forster the actions we take so they may equate to such a privilege as the gift of LOVE.

This world of distractions has desensitized our way of life and downgraded our values

from past generations. We have become detached from ourselves and our true core to experience the power of LOVE without prejudice. Our priorities has shifted from self-identity to what can we obtain as instant gratification to satisfy unwanted carves triggered in our minds from the mastery craft of propaganda through all forms of media. Most of us recycle issues and problems on all levels for many years without ever realizing that we are being created with hollow shells and no substance to feed our souls and mind.

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