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“Love is meant to be a pleasurable part of life, yet there are no people we are more likely to hurt, or to be hurt by, than those we are in a relationship with. The degree of cruelty that goes on between lovers puts established enemies to shame. We hope the love will be a powerful source of fulfillment, but it sometimes turns into an area for neglect, unrequited longing, vindictiveness, and abandonment. We become sullen or petty, nagging or furious, and without quite grasping how or why, destroy our lives and those we once claimed to care for.”        Alain de Botton

This is one of the reason why we have work and try to manifest all that we do and process life through a filter of LOVE. Claiming we LOVE has and will never be good enough; we have to forster the actions we take so they may equate to such a privilege as the gift of LOVE.

This world of distractions has desensitized

our way of life and downgraded our values

from past generations. We have become detached from ourselves and our true core to experience the power of LOVE without prejudice. Our priorities has shifted from self-identity to what can we obtain as instant gratification to satisfy unwanted carves triggered in our minds from the mastery craft of propaganda through all forms of media. Most of us recycle issues and problems on all levels for many years without ever realizing that we are being created with hollow shells and no substance to feed our souls and mind.

In identifying ourselves we lay a solid foundation of clarity to make decisions in life about what we want, don’t need or wish for. We then move through life with fewer detours to our destinations. There is no need for facades to experience what we wish. There are many who wish the same on all levels whether it’s a serious relationship or one to pass some time away. We have to always express our true intentions no matter how crazy they may sound.

LOVE comes in many forms of experiences, not every relationship will lead to marriage and children. When we are clear we will learn and grow from every single relationship despite of the outcome. Some will be painful, but that pain will enhance and build your knowledge of life so that you may share and even teach others when the moment presents itself. LOVE is a gift that needs to always find its way into the homes of other hearts. Let LOVE guide and spill into your life like flooding waters of a storm in the streets never stopping until all have felt its wrath. There is an everlasting life that penetrates the skin and seeps into the bone to create change. This LOVE will manifest into all that you do, onto all that you come across and into the hearts of others. It will help fulfill your dreams, it will create change, it will help you build a family and maintain its value by not becoming a broken home statistic. It will strengthen your community, it will create some of our greatest leaders of humanity, it will set precedents for others to follow, and it will empower you to achieve what others only dream about.

This universal power will never diminish or be extinguished. When our physical state no longer exists, this LOVE will be recycled into the veins of others who have partaken in our lives and be rejuvenated into another life force to continue its journey. This LOVE will soar into the minds and hearts of our future generations to help restore hope and faith in humanity on all levels. Even in our darkest hour, it will light a path; even in times

of despair, there is hope; even in times of death,

there is life.

Although we will never see the end results of our LOVE and the power of its existence, we have the honor and the power of manifesting this LOVE and giving it as freely as taking a breath, without the color or creed of our existence mattering. True LOVE is blind to all levels of discrimination. There is a difference between acknowledging its power and practicing it, acknowledging its freedom and containing it. LOVE is not identified with possession; give it as free as the breath you take to sustain life without a single thought of expectations.

The power of LOVE will set you free from all the distresses of your physical life. It will allow you to see the miracle of opening your eyes each morning and recognizing that you still exist. LOVE can transform lives as well as countries and movements. We have to slow down and recognize our actions when we get upset, try and cause harm, feel out of control, lost, detached, abandoned, and ask why am I feeling this way? Only by asking will you find the answers. Your answers will arrive in the time you are ready to understand them and not before. Then we can take the next steps to start the healing process.

We have to add life’s precious commodity “LOVE “to the forefront of our consciousness in all we do and how we act to all we encounter; amazingly enough, we have the greatest impact on those we know least when we extend our hand to show we care out of LOVE.

Loving ourselves is the first step to giving our LOVE away as GOD has done for us, the deliverance of freedom in every aspect of our lives.

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