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Our Children

Updated: Jan 22

Our Children
Our Children Photo: PEXELS

The advance pace of society and technology has made modern day living a battleground for the fittest. Parents go to war and try to provide the best for their families while the cost of living continues to rise. The pressure escalates as the competitive level among the youth tightens. Stress factors build up within the family. For single parents, this pressure doubles.

Where does this leave our children? How much care and nurturing do they receive? From whom do they receive it? This leaves the gate way open for society to mold our children. We must not forget that children are the future and the foundation of all that stands on solid ground. Most of what is created is thought to be out of love and passion, from human life to some of the most elegant structures built across the world.

We can never give enough love to our children. The essence of love lies within our soul and understanding the importance of human life. We are all created to function with others in our lives. To engage, to communicate, to share, to create, to understand, to give, and to receive.

Giving and receiving is all part of the life cycle. To receive one only has to give with no expectations of receiving in return. Our time to receive will come only when in need, and most of what you receive will come from those who you know the least.

Have faith that all problems have a solution and purpose. Have the patience to understand these matters. Believe that you can make a difference among so many even if you feel alone. Others will join in time but only after we build our inner strength and have proven ourselves. Forge forward with life and shine to inspire all children. Teach them to share the fruits of life with others.

We must not forget that children behave as mirror images. Our lives are examples of that. We must break the cycle if our care takers didn’t set the best example. Our children's growth and beauty stems from the nurture and love we provide them.

We must not forget the changing faces of our children or that they represent the purest love we will ever know.


The mind can be reshaped with the influx of repetitive images and information being drilled by media and TV programming during a course of time, especially on our young wonderful innocent untainted minds of our children.

“An average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by age 18. Two-thirds of all programming contains violence. Programs designed for children more often contain violence than adult TV. Most violent acts go unpunished on TV and are often accompanied by humor. The consequences of human suffering and loss are rarely depicted”. Words from Klya Boyse MS, RN, CPNP written in a study 2010 called Television and Children.

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