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Updated: Jan 21

Insecurities - Ray Rosario
Insecurities - Ray Rosario

Being honest helps us face another common disease that stuns our growth, ability to trust, and inhale the love of one another in every capacity. There are many types and levels of insecurities. Some of us are great at disguising them. No more than clothing hiding our body’s insecurities and our skin hiding our internal ones. They are multi-layered. Each one is different according to the individuals. The one I will be referring to is the most common to couples.


Insecurities are a natural part of life. Everyone develops them due to experiences, peer pressure, the media, etc. We should not allow them to define us or dictate the structure of our lives. Insecurities are like weeds growing in a beautiful lush garden. If we don’t treat our insecurities, they will outgrow and infect the beauty that exists within us. It will spread from one area of our lives to another.

The depth of those insecurities and the amount of time we deal with them is up to us. Life will test us on all levels, especially when it comes to our capacity for introspection that ability to search deep inside of ourselves to figure out who we are as individuals. Life does this to build us up, educate us, and give us a deeper understanding of the work needed to strengthen our foundation with our own truth, to lessen the capacity to stray. It will allow us to understand how to listen to our instincts and understand why we exist as individuals.

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