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According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “unite” means “to put or come together to form a single unit, to join in actions.” One word with the power to make a nation or destroy it.

To unite we have to understand all the entities that comprise the word unity, its components and complexities. Because the movement toward unity is made up of others. It doesn’t allow room any component about self to exist. Since we are all unique, we have to find commonality to establish an undeniable reason to become a unit of one. That will make the word UNITY a powerful force to be reckoned with for the greater good of humanity.

It is imperative that we have a clear understanding of who we are as individuals, our limitations and weaknesses and then take the time to build and strengthen those areas. In uniting we will allow our strengths to shine as we keep our egos in check, allowing the strength and knowledge of others to fill in for our weaknesses.

We need to develop the patience to digest information properly and the patience to teach those who lack in this area. Never take matters personally. If we allow someone to plant negativity inside us, it will grow and slow our ability to develop and move forward. It will derail our plans and strength to become a unified society. Have no hidden agendas. Never place judgment upon others, for who are we to judge. There will always be unforeseen circumstances and concealed information preventing us from seeing the full picture. We need to extend ourselves to others with no expectations or reciprocity. (Photo: PEXELS) Download and read full article

Unity - Ray Rosario
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